To Be, Or Not To Be!

Our small team is engaged in developing useful and critical solutions that are helping people in real life. We have very little time to promote our image. But we will beef-up this website just as good it was before the war on our country, if not better.


Geo-Aware national address and postal code system. A section will be available again in the mapping section soon.

CITI-Orientation (CTO)

Navigate your world without being wired. DISASTERS CAN STRIKE. Any Aoment, Any Time!


The next level of documents security, imagery, biometrics and authentication systems. Coming soon.

Let Us Know What You Think?

Please feel free to contact us. We try to be as responsive as we possibly can.

Little About Us

We are public service-oriented and a non-profit organisation. More about us is coming soon...

Our Mission

More about our mission is coming soon.

Our Vision

More about our vision is coming soon.

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